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Performance Advantages Of Fixed Ball Valves
Nov 06, 2018

1, the operation of labor-saving: The sphere by the upper and lower bearing support, reduce friction, eliminate due to the import pressure to promote the formation of the sphere and the sealing seat of the huge sealing load caused by excessive torque.

2, sealing performance is reliable: PTFE single material seal ring embedded in stainless steel seat, metal seat tail end with spring to ensure that the sealing ring enough preload force, valve in the use of sealing surface wear, under the action of spring valve continued to ensure good sealing performance. 3, fire protection structure: in order to prevent due to sudden heat or fire, so that PTFE seal ring burned, a large leak, and promote the fire, in the sphere and seat between the establishment of fireproof seal ring, in the sealing ring burned, under the action of Spring force, the seat seal ring quickly into the sphere, forming metal and metal seals, To a certain degree of sealing effect.

Fire-resistant tests meet the requirements of APL6FA and APl607 standards.

4, Automatic pressure relief function: When the valve in the cavity stagnation of the media pressure abnormal increase beyond the spring's pre-] force, the seat back out of the sphere, to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief, after unloading the seat automatic complex

5, Discharge pipeline: The valve body is set up and down the discharge hole, can check whether the seat leakage, in the work, the valve is fully open or full off, remove the middle cavity pressure, can directly replace the filler, can discharge the middle cavity retention, reduce the media pollution to the valve.