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Features Of Floating Ball Valves
Nov 06, 2018

1, in a variety of valves, ball valve flow resistance is minimal, when the full diameter ball valve is opened, the spherical channel, Valve body channel and connection pipe diameter equal and into a diameter, the medium can almost no loss of flow 2, ball valve rotation can be all open, open and close quickly.

Compared with the same specifications of gate valve, globe valve comparison, ball valve small size, light weight, easy to pipe installation

1, Advanced seat: Gathered many years of ball valve manufacturing experience and design of the seat, to ensure that the valve seal, friction coefficient is low, operating torque is small, a variety of seat materials, a wide range of adaptation.

2, switch unmistakable handle: the use of flat head stem, and the connection of the handle will not be misplaced, so as to ensure that the handle indicates the switch status and valve one speech.

3, locking device: In order to prevent the valve switch misoperation, in the valve fully open, all off the position has a locking hole to ensure that the valve is in the correct position.

4, Stem anti-fly structure: the stem for the lower load, to prevent pressure to fly out, at the same time after the fire, and the valve body to form metal contact, to ensure that the stem seal. 5, ball valve is with a round through the hole of the sphere as a opening and closing parts, in the stem driven by the sphere around the center of the stem for 0~90度 rotation, complete the opening and closing function, with a compact structure switch rapid characteristics, rotation 90 degrees, you can close the valve, cut off the pipeline media, spherical channel diameter and pipeline diameter is the same Stem for the next type, to eliminate the stem through the accident occurred, to ensure the use of safety.