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Basic Description Of Fixed Ball Valve
Nov 06, 2018

Fixed ball valve, is a new generation of high-performance ball valve, suitable for long-distance pipeline and general industrial pipelines, its strength, safety, resistance to harsh environment and so on in the design of special considerations, suitable for a variety of corrosive and non-corrosive media. Compared with the floating ball valve, when working, the valve front fluid pressure on the sphere to produce all the force passed to the bearing, will not make the sphere to the seat, so the seat will not withstand excessive pressure, so fixed ball valve torque is small, seat deformation is small, sealing performance is stable, long service life, suitable for high pressure, large caliber occasions. Advanced Spring pre-seat assembly with self-tightening characteristics for upstream sealing. Each valve has two seats, each direction can be sealed, so the installation has no flow limit, is bidirectional.

This valve is generally installed horizontally. Fixed ball valve has two block and three block type two valve body structure, the middle flange with bolt connection, seal using reinforced PTFE inserted into the stainless steel coil, the rear of the steel ring with a spring to ensure that the seat close to the sphere, keep the seal. The upper and lower stem are equipped with PTFE bearings, reducing friction, operating labor-saving, the bottom of the small shaft with adjustment sheet, to ensure that the ball and seal ring connection position. Full path: Valve flow aperture is consistent with the diameter of the pipeline for pipeline cleaning.